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What are the ground requirements for SPC lock floor installation?

Date: 2021-08-25   Views: 1668

The name SPC lock floor is very easy to cause misunderstandings. When it comes to SPC, everyone thinks of plastic. Many people will confuse SPC wood floor with PVC pipe. The plastic contains toxic chemicals and is harmful to the body.

But the nature of SPC lock floor and plastic is not the same thing. SPC is also called polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable energy source. It has long been used in everyone’s daily life, such as kitchenware, medical There is no need to worry about the heat insulation of the infusion tube bag.

At least the main component of the lock floor is natural stone powder, which can contain all radioactive substances after the inspection by the authoritative organization. It is also a new low-carbon and environmentally-friendly floor building decoration material. SPC lock floor does not contain harmful chemicals such as indoor formaldehyde and benzene, and there is no radiation source. It belongs to the green environmental protection decorative material and will not cause any damage to the body.

SPC lock floor, wear resistance is three times that of wooden floor, seamless splicing to ensure no dripping, waterproof and fireproof safety, ultra-thin design scheme is integrated into a wide range, installation operation, can be disassembled twice and used to be non-destructive to the ground. Choose this This wooden floor solves your worries.

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