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Rational analysis of the future development trend of SPC flooring in China

Date: 2021-05-10   Views: 1661

2019 is the first year for SPC to promote and sell in China. It has gradually moved away from us, but a new territory-the domestic market battle for SPC flooring has not dissipated over time, but has become more and more fierce. , There is a great momentum for Huashan to compete with each other on the sword. The key to this battle is how to overcome the shortcomings of SPC in domestic promotion, and whoever can overcome it will take the lead. Below, we will analyze the development and problems of SPC in the next few years.


First of all, the domestic consumers' awareness of SPC flooring is not high enough. Although it has been very popular in Europe and America, it is indeed a new darling in China, and it is generally used in shopping malls and other public places. However, with the deepening of promotion, SPC, as a mid-range priced floor, will gradually approach commercial residential buildings and reach thousands of households.

Secondly, the entire domestic SPC floor is rather chaotic, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Because it is a new thing, it has sprung up like mushrooms, but the corresponding standards have not kept up. When it gradually transitions from an explosive increase to a stable maturity period and eliminates the inferior quality and leaves the essence, the reputation of SPC will get better and better.

Third, with the vigorous development of high technology, SPC patterns are more realistic and more selectable. However, it is heavy. This problem has not been improved so far. It is an indisputable fact that the heavy weight has high transportation costs. Knocking to be resolved.

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