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What are the advantages of SPC lock floor?

Date: 2021-06-30   Views: 1734

SPC lock floor is composed of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material, which guarantees zero formaldehyde from the source of raw materials, and is ecological and environmentally friendly.

SPC lock floor adopts high temperature extrusion process, and the fire rating reaches B1 level, which is better than wood and other materials, second only to stone.

The surface of the SPC lock floor has undergone a variety of treatment processes, and the surface textures are diverse, which can realize concave-convex patterns, hand-grabbing patterns, matching patterns, mirror patterns and so on. The maximum wear-resistant revolution is 9000 revolutions.

The SPC lock floor is moisture-proof, does not deform when exposed to water, is non-slip, and is more astringent when exposed to water, and is not easy to fall. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

SPC lock floor is convenient and quick to install, and can be seamlessly connected by hand splicing

SPC lock floor silencer, comfortable walking foot feel, flexible, not easy to be injured when falling

SPC lock floor is convenient for daily maintenance, no waxing treatment is required, and it can be wiped with a towel or wet mop

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